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IdentiPureTM is neither a high-technology nor a fashion, it’s the honest to nature. As a professional manufacturer of genuine herbs and botanical extracts, we adopt and report a comprehensive science based identification to the products we offer. We are committed to communicate this identification program to our customers and the industry to expose the adulteration/spiking that exist in our industry today, support our clients choosing identically approvable and high quality ingredients for health food and dietary supplement products.


IdentiPureTM identification program includes: 

ü  Macroscopic Identification

ü  Microscopic Identification

ü  HPTLC Identification

ü  HPLC fingerprint Identification 

IdentiPureTM ingredients are also rigorously tested with harmful/toxic contaminations at our in-house laboratory to ensure the safety and purity.


ü  Pesticide residues (GC-MS screen & quantification for 281 items)

ü  Solvent residues (GC-HS & FID)

ü  Heavy metals (ICP-MS & AAS)

ü  Aflatoxins (HPLC-FLD on B1, B2, G1, G2)

ü  PAHs (GC-MS)

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