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Auropure manufactures natural ingredients in GMP standard and ISO/HACCP/FSSC/KOSHER/HALAL certified factory with state-of-the-art equipments. The factory is frequently audited by authority, third party organization or our stringent customers. 


Our manufacture processing includes:


ü  Crude Herb Cleaning

ü  Manual Sorting

ü  Heat Drying

ü  Roasting

ü  Cutting

ü  Physical Milling

ü  Steam Sterilization


ü  Solvent Extraction

ü  Counter-current Extraction

ü  Centrifuge Filtration

ü  Disc Centrifuge Separation

ü  Ceramic Membrane Filtration  

ü  Reverse-osmosis Concentration

ü  Vacuum Drying

ü  Spray Drying

ü  Granulation

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